Integrated Consciousness Bodywork:

ICB was borne out of the natural breakthroughs that occurred when Energy Medicine and BodyWork were combined for an Ingrated approach

ICB - History

ICB is the brainchild of Dr Eugene Botha and Shannon Betts, who each had been running successful businesses, individually, for decades.

Shannon started referring clients to Eugene when they got "stuck" in their training or rehabilitation efforts; and similarly, Eugene started referring clients and students to Shannon when they needed Bodywork. Both were increasingly amazed at breakthroughs clients experienced as a result of this more integrated approach.

The result? Integrated Consciousness Bodywork - where the Whole Person is important to us!

ICB is proudly led by the intuitive, empathetic and technically superb Dr Eugene Botha

Dr Eugene Botha - Energy Medicine

With his love for life and his passion for his work, Eugene is most certainly one of South Africa’s most extraordinary BodyTalk practitioners. His combination of techniques, and treatment applications, allows for a very focused and results-driven Bodytalk session. Eugene has been actively facilitating courses, and running his own classes, in Herbal Medicine, Energy Medicine, Martial Arts and Philosophy. His passion for guiding his students and clients to develop their individual skills is profound and truly inspiring. Eugene aims at helping clients and students to grow in awareness and consciousness. A pioneer for promoting growth and development of The Bodytalk System in South Africa, Eugene worked closely with senior Instructors Olivia Pinto, Beverly Lutz, Wilma Grobbelaar and has received extensive training through the founder of Bodytalk, Dr John Veltheim.

Boasting a variety of sought-after qualifications, it is Eugene's kind and genuine approach that makes the biggest difference.

Shannon Betts is like the passionate, energetic dynamo of ICB!

Shannon Betts - Sports Massage & Pilates

Shannon is a dynamic mom of 2 boys and highly passionate about her work. Shannon has 13 years of experience in Sports Massage which has provided her an exceptionally strong foundation in assisting with clients' concerns. Specializing in tracking fascial tension lines through the body and relative areas that get affected, she assists in the release of tension points to compliment the body's natural and healthy function and performance. A strong believer in the 'Im-Possible', she combines the effectivity of Pilates strength training with Sports Massage and Bodytalk, with the help of Dr Eugene Botha, to achieve the desired results. A lover of exercise and anatomy, Shannon's knowledge of the body and it's functionality greatly assists in performance set-ups, rehab, prehab and general body strengthening and conditioning. Working closely with Chiro's, Physio's and Bio's, a holistic approach to client concerns is provided. Shannon's personal rehabilitation experience with Pilates, BodyTalk and Sports Massage, drives her even more when working with results-driven Pilates sessions and performance programs.

Shannon is passionate and determined, and she will help you no matter the concern, or she'll know who can. She truly loves her work!

ICB - How we came to be

Shannon writes: "On my own personal journey of rehabilitation after a serious nerve operation in my elbow, I found that I was achieving quicker, more effective results from combining the treatments of Pilates, sports massage, correct nutrition as well as regular BodyTalk sessions. Results achieved had previously been promised to me as “impossible” and I was advised to “get used to” the levels of pain I was experiencing. I decided to find my own solution and almost stumbled onto the effectiveness of a combined approach. I realized that a treatment concept and program, such as what ICB offers, can help so many people.

ICB offers an integrative approach to optimize functionality of the body, combining scientific understanding from a physical, dynamic, functional performance perspective. Interfacing the deeper aspects of subtle functionality of body~mind~spirit, enhancing health, performance and well-being. Utilizing a multi-level approach of physical understanding interfacing with what is now known through the science of quantum physics and energy dynamics that govern the deeper, invisible influences and governing the patterns of regeneration and manifestation of the body-mind complex as a whole. A holistic approach from a completely fresh perspective!

The goals then being:

  • to enhance the health, emotional health, performance, mind, positive environmental influences and improving the total consciousness of function of the body of each client
  • focusing on prehab (the preparation for surgeries/procedures and focusing on injury prevention according to frequently problematic areas, also preparing the body and muscles in anticipation for events that a person would be participating in based on what is known, that could possibly go wrong (thus enhancing performance, results, recovery, and shortening periods of recovery)
  • rehabilitation, general strengthening and total body conditioning.

ICB offers the opportunity to achieve total wellness from all perspectives incorporating the inter-relationship with the Body~Mind in health and performance."

Janneke offers Sports Massage and Pilates at ICB

Janneke - Sports Massage

There’s no event that Janneke has not attempted. This girl’s need for the mountains and trails far outdoes most athletes. A SERIOUS adventure athlete, Janneke knows it all and has pretty much experienced it all too. From injury to peak performance Janneke tackles each event with gratitude and a smile. Often the only girl on her team, she embraces the experience for what it offers and comes back stronger. An excellent support in performance management and massage support; Janneke is an all-rounder.

Strong hands, strong heart and brilliant attitude.

Mandy offers fantastic Sports Massage at ICB!

Mandy - Sports Massage

Boasting a number of qualifications and many years as a corporate personal assistant, Mandy has chosen to focus her career on fitness, health and general well being. She subtly challenges her clients to achieve their best whilst releasing their stress. Mandy works closely with Physio’s and fitness professionals to achieve fast results with maximum muscle and pain relief.

Mandy’s love for the outdoors and especially hiking, adds to her love of health and wellness.

Vanessa offers superb Sports Massage at ICB!

Vanessa - Sports Massage

A mom of 3 boys, Vanessa knows the name of the professional cycling and fitness game. Certifying in Sports Massage to assist her youngest son in his professional career as a cyclist, Vanessa knows every in and out of the professional events. Her strong, yet gentle treatment approach allows her clients to focus on their fitness and training goals. If Vanessa is not supporting her boys at the events, she’s joining them on the bicycle.

Vanessa’s bubbly personality makes you feel completely at home and comfortable.

Adele offers superb Sport Massage at ICB!

Adele - Sports Massage

With 13 years' experience in sports massage, squash and fitness coaching, Adele eventually became an international squash player.

This has equipped Adele to work on many top squash, tennis and crossfit athletes and she loves working with anyone who wants to improve themselves.

Adele's fitness approach is gentle and balanced. She achieves top results with effective programming, quality instruction and treatments.

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