ICB in Johannesburg


"It is not often you find people who consider not just your physical wellbeing but take a holistic approach to mind, body and soul wellness."
- Othelia Langner


It's rare to find energy healing modalities like BodyTalk or QHHT®, medicine like Chinese Medicine, as well as bodywork techniques like Fascia Response & Integration, offered by one healing center - Integrated Consciousness Bodywork does exactly this!

Our holistic therapy menu is applied individually, designed for a client's unique needs. Our natural and empathetic approach will support you in your transformation to better physical health and emotional well-being.

Energy Healing

We use various energy healing & natural health techniques, integrated with advanced Parama BodyTalk.

State of the art consciousness medicine techniques prioritize and correct causal factors in compromised body communication networks, enabling your body to heal and regenerate.

We respect your body's innate wisdom and self-healing ability.


Wondering about your soul's journey?

Via a blissful guided shift to Theta Frequency; we tap into your deep subconscious and retrieve information from an appropriate lifetime, or earlier stage of your current life, to help you to live your very best life in the present.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique breaks subconscious patterns and heals deep-seated trauma.

Fascia Response

The Fascia is a living matrix that holds old trauma, stress and emotions leading to a non-optimal expression of the body.

Fascia Response & Integration results in optimized physical performance, full body integration, transformation and structural repositioning.

It is a safe, non-invasive, pain-free healing modality. No jarring manipulations.

Holistic Courses

Embrace your Divine Evolution!

Apart from our 1:1 Transformation Sessions, tailored to your unique needs, we also offer a variety of exciting, evolutionary energy work courses on a variety of holistic healing topics.

Summon your inner visionary! Book your place on one of our popular courses that will connect you with like-minded people & help you evolve.

We offer personalised 1:1 healing and assessment sessions (whether in-person of distance sessions).

1:1 Transformation: in-person or distance sessions

What really sets us apart is our ability to truly see and assess your Whole Person Being. We work with your spirit, mind, emotions & body - your whole, beautiful self!

This is, of course, best done in a 1:1 session. During such a session, we can use BodyTalk, QHHT®, Fascia Response and other techniques to establish the systems that are affected and the sequence in which we should peel away disharmonies. We then formulate an individualised program for you and healing begins straight away.

This 1:1 attention ensures integrated, personal support for your process.

NOTE: Dr Eugene Botha and Shannon Betts offer their empathetic expertise via sessions:

  • In-person
  • Distance sessions


"I've used ICB for 8 months now and cannot imagine my life without these amazing people. The benefits are so much. Through Fascia Response and BodyTalk I have become more focused and centered, being much more aware of Self and what my body and mind need, in order to flourish. It's been such an inspiring journey; they know when to push you – beyond what I thought possible - and when all you need is a lie down. It's empowering to feel stronger and fitter, both physically and mentally."
- Karien Nel

Why work with ICB?

At ICB, we SEE you.

When working with clients, we see the holistic picture and customize every single experience. We embrace the opportunity to be a part of each client's journey of experiencing, exploring and embracing health, new life skills and adventure. You'll discover your innate wisdom of self-healing!

Integrated Consciousness BodyWork integrates the physical functioning of the body, a healthy emotional state, spirit and mental wellness.

We offer clients the chance to address their specific health and wellness requirements, and also the opportunity to transform their lives as they know it. We believe in the "I'm-Possible" and the sheer magic and power that lies within each client, especially when combining several of our services in powerful combination for even faster and more harmonious healing.

ICB welcomes everyone. We also have specific experience in working with sport professionals, pregnant moms, children and people nursing injuries or post-op rehab.

Our only goal is to get you at your very best!