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"Shannon thank you for the reading - it helped me to make some sense of issues and to put things into a better perspective. It helped to establish a roadmap with some guidelines. The best bit is that it prepares one for the curve balls life throws at us."
- Lizelle

"I found Shannon to be truly 'tuned in', and her guidance was spot-on for my questions. I was amazed by the repetition of themes in the cards; there was simply no doubt what my angels were communicating to me! She perceptively described my current life-space and she saw my new man before I said a thing and gently guided me re old patterns I'd need to maintain awareness of, in order to avoid sabotaging a good thing. There was a warning about an upcoming work contract that I will heed, without fear, and a safe, kind space in which to explore the way forward. Thanks for your beautiful care!"
- Ronel

Why do an Intuitive or Tarot Reading?

Experience the power of a Tarot Reading, Angel Card Reading or Intuitive Card Reading with the oracle cards your guides point out - Shannon from ICB can guide you through what lies ahead and the awareness you'll need to navigate with grace. If you've worked with cards before but wondered what information remains hidden, ICB can help translate.

Shannon's intuitive card readings directly tap into your guides or angels, and the information they wish to share with you through Tarot or Angel Card reading guidance and intuitive messaging. Shannon intuits what card deck your guides wish to use to reach you. Shannon then channels messages from your guides and helps you to interpret the lessons, challenges, gifts and direction you're taking.

Simply have a card reading to understand where you are at, and how to move forward; or ask specific questions relating to:

  • Your love life and soul mate
  • Your health
  • Your business or career
  • Your home situation and space
  • Your purpose and soul contracts
  • A specific situation or challenge.

Card Reading Spreads

Various card spreads are included depending on what your guides request. Usually we start with a 21-card intuitive healing focus. We also offer an additional 5 card spread to highlight the lessons you're working with, those that you've mastered, any areas you're currently struggling with and how you are supported through this struggle. The 5th card focuses on the beauty and value in your current lesson.

Your guides and angels are waiting to deliver messages of transformational upliftment and guidance to you - Book your session now!

ICB offers Intuitive Tarot Readings and Angel Card Readings.

What to expect in your Reading

Shannon will intuit a combination of messaging techniques (cards, channeling etc) as guided by your very own angels and guides. A card reading session invites you to see immediate environmental information, as well as near and far future information.

You will receive a reading of the overview of your life experience, a channeled 5 card healing spread and any other cards / placements your guides offer in response to your questions.

You will receive an audio recording of your session so you may later reflect on your experience as an active meditation.

Card Reading Costs

PLEASE NOTE: In alignment with international standards, international rates vary and will differ from the listed South African rates. Please contact us for international rates?

Time: 45min.

Reading (in person, distance via video or call) - R800.

Every additional 30min booked (to be booked in advance)- R500 per 30min.