Integrated Consciousness Bodywork offers Fascia Response Treatment.


"I started working with the Fascia with Shannon to treat my lower back pain, that I've struggled with for many years now. After receiving just 4 sessions, my back is already about 80% improved; noticeably reduced pain and improved movement. My emotional health and stress levels have benefited greatly from the fascia sessions too. I look forward to my sessions because they are so relaxing, they make me feel better, my body feels relaxed and I focus more clearly. Shannon is mastering her profession par excellence."
- Peter

Why Fascia Response & Integration?

ICB offers Fascia Response healing which is a safe, gentle & effective treatment of unprocessed emotions, memories, stress and trauma, while also optimizing physical performance. The Fascia Response Technique works on a deep level, incorporating myofascial release, neurofascial release and vascular fascia release.

A unique and highly specialized focus, the Fascia Response and Integration technique is ideally suited for all ages (even newborn), genders and conditions. There are no forced manipulations or manual adjustments in the sessions.

The Fascia Response and Integration system is designed to unwind, de-stress, and release the abnormal tension-holds in the body's physiology, encouraging re-linking of reciprocals to greatly improve flexibility, movement and general circulation. Fascia Response and Integration sessions can:

  • Deeply relax & nurture the body
  • Release unprocessed emotions & memories
  • Treat trauma held by the body
  • Condition the Fascia to enable optimal physical performance
  • Unwind & Destress
  • Improve circulation
  • Assist in pain management
  • Relieve stiffness & muscular imbalances
  • Greatly support the improvement of posture & structural positioning
  • Stimulate improved health and overall welness

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a continuous, fibrous system that embodies the entire body as a connection communication network; an encasing "stocking" that connects everything. There is no system, organ or movement that the Fascia is not a part of. Fascia is greatly affected by trauma, emotion and stress.

Fascia is a part of every physical aspect of the human body, and weaves itself in and out of the cells. It is the only system in the body that touches all other systems. James Oschman refers to fascia as a living matrix; it is not limited to the physical body.

With the ability to retain information, Fascia often stagnates with unprocessed emotions, memories and trauma. Through Fascia Response and Integration therapy, we are able to access this stored information for safe, gentle and effective treatment.

ICB offers Fascia healing, myofascial release, via gentle movement, or statically on a treatment bed

Fascia for Sport

When moist and healthy, the fascia has incredible tensile strength. When dehydrated and tight, this tensegrity is compromised and injury can result. Using the Fascia Response and Integration method of Fascia communication, we are able to access the intracellular and extracellular information in order to maintain effective and efficient pliability and coherent communication in the body. This increases its ability to withstand any physical demand placed on it.

The Fascia treatment optimizes sporting performance in all categories, increases the potential of training achievements, fully supports all requirements of the body during activity and promotes an increase in newly gained efficiency.

Fascia for Physical Rehab

When a body is compromised in health, nourishment, flexibility, hydration or injury, the general communication cycles of the body are compromised, creating postural misalignments and inaccurate muscular-skeletal orientations.

When combining Fascia Response with any form of physical rehab, the body's healing responses are far more diverse and long lasting. The Fascia Response and Integration System is able to work with the connective tissue repair processes to facilitate deep, clear and long lasting results to optimize the body's physiology and quicken the healing process.

The treatment is applied without any form of manipulation or adjustment. The role of consciousness in the healing process lies within the communication dialogue the body is currently running, which compromised the physical form to begin with. The Fascia sessions re-writes communication links to provide a healthier, more responsive body-fabric performance (how the tissues, cells, and so on, are made). This is recognized by modern Biophysics.

The Fascia Response and Integration system is safe, non-invasive, gentle and pain-free.

ICB offers Fascia healing

What to expect in a Fascia Session

Fascia Response and Integration is a consciousness medicine modality, applied using frequency communication and without any applied adjustments, manipulations or invasive applications. Lying fully clothed on the bed, the static Fascia information points are recognized, and the fascia neutralities (reconnection, release, and so on) are run.

The session often provides deep relaxation and a safe nurturing environment to support the body's re-expression.

The Fascia Response and Integration sessions are pain-free, gentle, safe and non-invasive. No manipulations, no forced adjustments. There are two methods:

  • Static, where you simply lie down and the therapist works on you
  • Movement, where through simple guided movements we re-set the Fascia

When worked correctly, re-setting the Fascial zones and torsion-fields within the Fascia network, one can dissolve stagnation and support the expressional changes of the body.

Fascia Session Costs

PLEASE NOTE: In alignment with international standards, international rates vary and will differ from the listed South African rates. Please contact us for international rates?

Fascia appointments are scheduled in for a 45min time allowance (time differs on number of people in session, so it could take a lot longer for a family of 4 for example).

Single Fascia Session (in-person or distance; static or movement) - R650.

Group Fascia Session (2 or more) - R600 per person.