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About Us - Dr Eugene Botha

With his love for life and his passion for his work, Eugene is most certainly one of South Africa's most extraordinary Energy Medicine and BodyTalk practitioners. His combination of techniques, and treatment applications, allows for a very focused and results-driven healing session. Eugene has been actively facilitating courses, and running his own classes, in Herbal Medicine, Energy Medicine, Martial Arts and Philosophy.

His passion is truly inspiring. Eugene helps clients and students to grow in awareness and consciousness. A pioneer for promoting growth and development of The BodyTalk System in South Africa, Eugene worked closely with senior Instructors Olivia Pinto, Beverly Lutz, Wilma Grobbelaar and has received extensive training through the founder of BodyTalk, Dr John Veltheim.

Boasting a variety of sought-after qualifications, it is Eugene's kind and genuine approach that makes the biggest difference.

About Us - Shannon Betts

The founder and creator of the Fascia Response and Integration System, Shannon has over 16 years of experience working with clients.

Previously an instructor for health and fitness rehabilitation, she now specialises in consciousness Fascia treatments and the training of the Fascia Response and Integration System.

Shannon combines modalities such as consciousness Fascia and QHHT®, to achieve a comprehensive range of results in structural realignment influencing physical, mental and emotional expressional transformation to support the innate healing ability of the body-mind.

ICB History

Dr Eugene Botha and Shannon Betts were each running successful businesses, individually, for decades. After cross-referring clients for a while, both were increasingly amazed at breakthroughs clients experienced as a result of this more integrated approach. The result? Integrated Consciousness Bodywork - where the Whole Person is important to us!

Shannon writes: "On my own personal journey of rehabilitation after a serious nerve operation in my elbow, I found that I was achieving quicker, more effective results from combining body work with regular BodyTalk sessions. I was told that the results achieved were "impossible" and that I must "get used to" the levels of pain I was experiencing. I decided to find my own solution and stumbled onto the effectiveness of a combined approach. I realized that a holistic concept, like what ICB offers, can help so many people."

ICB offers an integrative approach, combining scientific understanding from a physical, dynamic and functional performance perspective. The science of quantum physics and energy dynamics govern deeper, invisible influences and patterns of regeneration and manifestation of the body-mind complex as a whole. Accordingly, ICB offers total wellness via working with the inter-relationship of Body, Mind and Spirit.

"I've used ICB for 8 months now and cannot imagine my life without these amazing people. The benefits are so much. Through Fascia Response and BodyTalk I have become more focused and centered, being much more aware of Self and what my body and mind need, in order to flourish. It's been such an inspiring journey; they know when to push you – beyond what I thought possible - and when all you need is a lie down. It's empowering to feel stronger and fitter, both physically and mentally."
- Karien Nel

Fair Terms

Please note that making appointments in advance, and keeping them (or cancelling at least a working day in advance to avoid being charged), are absolutely essential since we are a busy practice.

We do our very best to keep you safe and get you in peak health, we cannot take responsibility for everything; you interact with us at your own risk.

We accept cash at our premises and EFT if you prefer to pay us in advance. Regretfully, we are unable to accept to cheques, credit cards or cash bank deposits due to high fees and fraud.

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