Integrated Consciousness Bodywork:


We offer personal health products to compliment our holistic healing methodologies.


We offer a range of natural and holistic products to support you in your journey to better, integrated health and well-being.

Currently these products are available from our premises and are prescribed by Dr Eugene Botha or suggested by trained staff, as appropriate.

Please contact us to determine the cheapest shipping method based on where you are located.

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Plantar fascia ball at Online shop at ICB

Plantar Fascia Release Ball

The foot massage ball focuses on the gentle release of the Plantar Fascia. The massage ball works on the entire body, focusing on managing and releasing inflammation, pain, stiffness and general aches and pains. Excellent to support all sports and ideal for back pain and headache sufferers. Instructions: massage 2x a day 2min per foot. Chronic use.

Price: R250

Small foam ball at Online shop at ICB

Small Foam Ball

The same density as a large foam roller, condensed into a small ball. The shape and size are ideal for smaller areas requiring deep release and specific focus. Instructions: The ball may be used for site-specific release and in the same fashion as foam rolling.

Price: R230

Large Foam ball at Online shop at ICB

Large Foam Ball

The same density as a large foam roller, shaped into a ball for larger areas requiring deep release and specific focus. Ideal for rolling ribs, sternum (chest bone), ITB, Glutes, and on the actual Spine for deep pressure release to assist in spinal movements. Instructions: The ball may be be used for site-specific release and in the same fashion as foam rolling.

Price: R250

Mini Balance Pad at Online shop at ICB

Mini Balance Pad

A soft foam pad used fo strengthening the ankles, plantar fascia and balanced focus between the ankles, knees and hips. Ideal for strengthening the performance of running, cycling, tennis, squash, golf, and weak ankles. Instructions for use: use daily; exercises provide on request or as per the practitioners instruction.

Price: R230

Runners Combo at Online shop at ICB

Runners Combo

This package combo is designed for long-standing athletes or beginners to focus on the correct balance of muscular work and strength and also release in the fascia to obtain an optimum balance for sports performance. Ideal for all areas and sports for improved performance, less stiffness and pain, improved flexibility and all round endurance whilst exercising. Instructions of use: use daily as individually explained. Included in the package: 1 mini balance pad; 1 Plantar Fascia Release Ball; 1 Large Foam Ball

Price: R650

Icoco Herbal Pain Gel at Online shop at ICB

Icico Herbal Pain Relief Gel

A topic pain and muscle stiffness relief gel. Providing a cooling sensation for immediate relief. May be layered up to 4 times in one application for more intense and deeper relief of pain or discomfort. The gel focuses on all areas of pain; tendon, joint, muscle, nerve. Intense anti-inflammatory treatment to assist with bruising all forms of inflammation. Extra uses: sunburn relief, insect bites, pimples, headaches, restless legs, minor burns. Suitable for ALL ages and SAFE FOR PREGNANCY. Directions for use: apply in a light/thin layer and leave to dry. Do not rub the product to absorb as it deactivates the main ingredients.

Price: R120

Lululemon sports clothing available at ICB

Lululemon Sports Clothing

Wow! ICB is proud to stock the exclusive lululemon range of technical athletic clothes for yoga, running, working out, and most other sweaty pursuits.

Stock updated often; contact us to send you our latest stock list!

Oxy101 available at ICB

Oxy 101 Drops

A supplement designed to improve oxygen supply, usage and provision throughout the body. It assists in detoxifying the body on an intense and deep level, focusing on the removal of micro-wastes, harmful micro-organisms, parasites, heavy metals, excess acids from high stress levels and general waste products resulting from poor dietary habits. It's a maintenance program for athletes to improve their general performance, cellular recovery and general well-being. Easily added to the water, it offers a fresh taste. Drink it during races or day-to-day activities. IMPORTANT: dosage instructions and use are provided with each purchase.

Price: R200