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Frequently Asked Questions

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"It's been such an inspiring journey, they have a sixth sense when it comes to their clients and what they need as individuals. They know when to push you – beyond what I thought possible - and when all you need is a lie down and a good massage."
- Karien Nel

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Exceed your own expectations of your sport performance!

Pregnant ladies get the support and TLC they deserve at ICB.

Can I make use of just some of your services?

ICB offers state-of-the-art services whereby the individual services may be used to achieve the desired goals, or a combination thereof to experience a complete transformation on all levels; body, mind and emotion.

When choosing to work with the single services offered; sports massage, pilates or BodyTalk, we strive to assist in any of your immediate and future goal-orientated requirements.

However when combining two or more services, the future goals are attained with less effort and provide a more harmonious and comfortable experience. Specifically, including the benefits and effects of BodyTalk systems, the energetics of the body’s system will flow and function optimally, thus allowing the body, mind and emotional response through the muscular system to be more responsive, alert and receptive. This increased receptivity allows structural improvements, body reconditioning and lifestyle changes to simply flow into place without effort. A simple response with great reward.

Our experience working with clients in single services are always great, however the client transformations achieved when combining our services, are magical.

What makes you different?

At ICB, we see you.

When working with clients, we see the bigger picture, we embrace the opportunity to be a part of each client’s experience. We walk their road with them each step at a time.

We not only offer clients the chance to address their specific health and wellness requirements, but also the opportunity to transform their lives as they know it. We believe in the "I’m-Possible" and the sheer magic and power that lies within each client.

By zoning in on our clients’ individual needs, desires and goals, we can customize every single experience. This offers an opportunity to adventure through the goals of each client, and opens up a whole new world within each goal to experience, explore and embrace. Integrated Consciousness BodyWork integrates not only the physical functioning of the body, but recognizes the importance of a healthy emotional state (spirit), and the mental wellness required through each of life’s experiences and challenges.

By working with ICB, you will discover an innate wisdom of self-healing through movement (Pilates), release (Massage) and awareness (BodyTalk). Essentially, this is an opportunity to learn life skills to not only improve in the physical form, but to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Be free, be powerful, be YOU.

Can you help me improve as a Sport Professional?

ICB recognizes and embraces the entirity of the sporting activity performed from a holistic approach.

We see sport as dynamic physical performance, mental expression through movement and a unique identity. Sport is chosen specific to each client’s preference and enjoyment.

But why limit your performance? ICB can enhance your sporting performance in a number of ways. The BodyTalk system is able to identify the areas of body function which may need strengthening, balancing or support. Dr Eugene Botha sets up sports performance programs whereby the body is able to process and synthesize the sporting requirements much more efficiently. From correct hydration, to the usage of lactic acid and metabolic bi-products/wastes, to the optimum oxygen supply and repair processes, the BodyTalk system creates an optimum performance environment under any condition.

Pilates will strengthen the body’s response to movement, supporting the body in the correct “firing” of muscle action, whilst ensuring that the correct muscle is engaged and used. This prevents injury and unnecessary muscle or joint fatigue. When the body engages or actions itself in movement incorrectly, it creates a great level of fatigue and cellular strain, to which the body responds in a protective manner. Protection creates tension and this incorrect stability-trigger may lead to cramp, tendon tension or strain, and possibly even tearing if severe and prolonged enough. Pilates re-educates the body to hold itself through endurance in its natural and neutral state of being – specifically the spinal cord. When the body’s reciprocal areas are responsive and balanced, the level of sports (pre, during and post) are kept to a minimum.

Sports massage ensures that the fascial trains are kept relaxed, responsive and balanced, the muscular system has the opportunity to function without strain, and therefore at an optimal level. The massage also increases the flow of fresh oxygen, nutrients and new blood to the entire body, speeding up the removal of wastes and toxins and aiding in the recovery of the body during race/sport preparation as well as post race recovery. The sport massage aids in mental and emotional wellbeing thus complimenting the holistic approach of ICB.

Are your services suited to Pregnant ladies?

Pregnancy is a very unique experience for each mommy. Some moms experience this period as a very special and bonding journey, and some woman experience the pregnancy stage as demanding and challenging. Since we see each mom as unique, we can support her through the process from beginning to end.

As a pre-natal program, ICB will prepare the mom in each stage of the pregnancy according to her body changes and challenges, whilst encouraging the pregnancy in a healthy environment and state of being.

The BodyTalk system will help the mom set up an ideal labour and birthing environment whilst supporting the healthy development of both mom and babe.

Collapsing any limiting belief systems/limitations that the mother may be holding, allows the mom to experience the pregnancy in its truth and further deepens the natural bond between mom and babe.

Pilates will help prepare the mom physically by strengthening the specific areas required for natural birth or C-section accordingly, and aids in maintaining relaxed fascial trains to ensure that the pregnant body responds correctly, effectively and in a holistic manner. This avoids unnecessary fatigue, tension or emotional disturbances for the mom and babe alike. Pilates is a non-invasive exercise approach that is adjusted according the developmental stages of both mom and babe. Pilates is safe for pregnancy and may be done from the start, or from any stage of pregnancy right up until birth. This is guided specifically according to the mother’s comfort levels and body responses to the movements.

Massage will take on a softer, more pampering approach to help ease common areas of tension specific and appropriate to each stage of pregnancy. We ensure that our moms stay relaxed, pampered and receive all the TLC they may need throughout the pregnancy. The massage is adjusted according to the different developmental stages of the baby and the mother positioned accordingly.

We aim to provide a gentle experience whereby we create a warm, relaxed and safe environment for each mom.

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