Integrated Consciousness Bodywork:


Using the body's innate wisdom, energy healing is a combination of modalities to unblock and assist with healing in a sequence prioritised by the body

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What is Energy Medicine / Bodytalk?
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"I believe that all physical ailments are caused by our thoughts. There is a definite connection between body and mind. I first went to a Body Talk session with Dr Eugene Botha towards the end of 2015, having exhausted all my options and still being none the wiser about why I had an irritating cough (nothing physically wrong with me). The subjects Eugene brought up were absolutely on the nail correct. I was gob smacked. The only discomfort I had was a bit of nausea that afternoon and the next day. My next appointment was a month later, when he approached the issues my body had told him to sort out. The programmes he “sets” are programmed with your personality kept in mind. He explains to you once he has finished how it should work. My brain worked through my problems in a way that I could recognize that the problems had been eradicated, which I found totally amazing. I had no side effects whatsoever from this appointment on. My appointments with the Doctor & use of medicine has reduced. Grateful thanks."
- Beverley

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What is Energy Medicine / Consciousness Medicine / BodyTalk?

BodyTalk falls under the umbrella of energy medicine and moreso, is described as consciousness medicine. These are state of the art consciousness medicine techniques that prioritize and correct any frequency/information causal factors in compromised communication networks. Doing so orchestrates the self-healing mechanisms of the body as a whole, thus allowing the body to heal and regenerate.

Since we address the whole person, the techniques used will respect and encourage your body's innate wisdom and self healing ability. The techniques are non invasive and very gentle. There is no need for harsh physical manipulation or other invasive interventions to be effective.

No diagnosis is done as the techniques applied have effect on what the body needs to heal, enhancing the self-healing ability of the body, to help resolve the symptoms or given diagnosis.

There is abounding scientific evidence relating to the success of Energy Medicine and its effects on our health and well-being, at all levels of function.


Energy Healing Applications

The conciousness medicine approach is the result of combining different healing modalities in a unique, integrated way. Energy Medicine / Consciousness Medicine techniques are safely and non-intrusively applied to assist:

  • in all aspects of life: health, well being & performance in sports, studies, reaching life and personal goals, personal growth and development
  • anyone with emotional problems or who is stuck in negative patterns.
  • anyone with physical symptoms that cannot be explained by Western Medicine; it also assists the body’s ability to respond better to other modalities.
  • professional sports persons who need to break through a limited paradigm enhancing performance, assisting general recovery and recovery from injuries.
  • anyone needing support for, or wanting an accelerated rehabilitation process.
  • anyone on a personal growth journey enhancing understanding and assisting the processes of transformation
  • ...and much more!
If western medicine has not worked for you, try the energy healing and consciousness healing modalities Has western medicine failed you?  You have nothing to lose by trying energy healing and consciousness healing modalities!


Soul Purpose Session

This session includes accessing Akashi records and working with the influences of both soul and ancestral life times, as well as other influences relating to past lives that impact/interfere with the soul's divine purpose in this manifestation.

These sessions help process, release and synchronize life challenges, relationships, troubled experiences, diseases, conflicts, traumas and much more. They rebalance the authentic purpose, clarifies through understanding the information of influence, and brings repair to those fields of consciousness.


Energy Healing Practitioner

We are proud to have the services of a highly and diversely qualified healer available to us:

Dr Eugene Botha is a most diversely qualified healer. Whether you are young, old, male, female, pregnant or challenged - BodyTalk will work for you.


Energy Medicine Prices

Bodytalk Private session (in-person or distance) R600pp

Bodytalk Group Sessions (2 and more persons) R550pp

Soul Purpose Session (in-person or distance) R1500 / $120

Bodytalk Session slot is booked for 45 min.
While the actual physical session is generally about 15 min., it may take longer depending on physical release and assessment techniques.

Soul Purpose Session slot is booked for 60 min.


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